'Abdominal Exercise after Hysterectomy to REDUCE BELLY FAT | PHYSIO Guided 10 MINUTE Home Routine'

'Abdominal Exercise after Hysterectomy to REDUCE BELLY FAT | PHYSIO Guided 10 MINUTE Home Routine'
10:30 May 13

'After a hysterectomy you can safely reduce lower belly fat and flatten your lower belly with this Physiotherapy home exercise routine. Learn the best exercises to lose weight safely after hysterectomy with Physiotherapist Michelle from https://www.pelvicexercises.com.au This Physiotherapy home exercise routine safely tones and flattens your lower abdominal muscles (lower belly) with pelvic floor safe abdominal core exercises. You will also learn how to safely overcome weight gain after hysterectomy. ***Download Michelle’s FREE App online https://www.pelvic.app ***How to Activate Core Abdominal Muscles video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsH5-qa3Mik ***Best Belly Fat Weight Loss Exercise video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGxq0TYHem4 Time Stamps 1:07 Exercise routine commences 8:36 Best weight loss exercises after hysterectomy Benefits of Abdominal Exercises after Hysterectomy These abdominal core exercises help your safe recovery after a hysterectomy. * Safely tone and flatten your lower belly * Protect your pelvic floor with pelvic floor safe exercises * Improve abdominal core muscle support for your lower back, hips and pelvis Exercise after Hysterectomy Routine Suitability These abdominal core exercises are suited to most women after: * Abdominal hysterectomy * Vaginal hysterectomy * Laparoscopic hysterectomy * Hysterectomy and prolapse surgery Please seek your doctor\'s approval to return to exercise before commencing this home exercise routine after hysterectomy (usually around 6 weeks after hysterectomy but this can vary). These abdominal exercises should cause no pain during and after exercise. Please cease exercises that cause discomfort during your hysterectomy recovery. Abdominal Exercise Routine after a Hysterectomy This is a progressive deep abdominal core exercise routine. To ensure your safety this exercise routine does not include any intense core abdominal exercises e.g. abdominal curls. This is because intense abdominal exercises increase pressure downwards on the lower abdomen and pelvic floor during hysterectomy recovery. Hysterectomy Exercises Starting Position * Lie down comfortably on a firm mattress or on the ground, pillow under your head * Slide one leg at a time to knees bent and feet flat position * Commence 3 pelvic tilts * Find midway position between lower back flat and arched (the position for your deep abdominal core muscles to work) * Start breathing in and out - as you breathe out gently draw in the lower tummy * Commence with 3 gentle abdominal exercises by visualising drawing the pelvic bones towards the midline Lower Belly Exercise Variations for Recovery after Hysterectomy * Leg extend above ground (or modify by sliding foot long the ground wearing a sock) * Pelvic tilt x 3 * Single knee lift * Pelvic tilt x 3 * Single knee lift, leg rotating out to the side (or modify with bent knee fallout core abdominal exercise) * Pelvic tilt x 3 How to Lose Belly Fat and Overcome Weight Gain after Hysterectomy Weight gain after hysterectomy is a common problem for many women. Women gain on average 5lb during hysterectomy recovery. * It is not possible to spot reduce fat after hysterectomy with any type of exercise. Intense abdominal curl exercises will not flatten your belly or help you lose belly fat. These types of intense abdominal exercises increase the risk of abdominal and/or pelvic floor injury after a hysterectomy. * Diet is essential for losing weight from your whole body to ensure that you lose belly fat. * Choose low impact exercises after hysterectomy surgery to assist with yur weight management including stationary bike and walking. #exerciseafterhysterectomy #losebellyfatafterhysterectomy #hysterectomyrecoveryexercises _ _ _ _ _ _ Videography by Jonah Bobongie Artwork courtesy of Wendy Flanagan Artist Music That Kid Goran licensed user _ _ _ _ _ _ Disclaimer The information provided in this video is intended as general information and not a substitute for individual medical advice regarding your medical condition. To the extent permitted by law, neither Healthy Fit Solutions Pty Ltd, as trustee for the P & M Kenway Family Trust (“we”), nor any of our officers, employees, agents or related bodies corporate will be liable in any way (including for negligence) for any loss, damage, costs or expenses suffered by you or claims made against you through your use of, or in connection with, this video or information supplied or offered to be supplied on this video. Although we use our best efforts to provide accurate information and other materials on this video, the video is provided “as-is”. To the extent permitted by law, all warranties, conditions and representations provided about or by this video are excluded.materials on this video, the video is provided “as-is”. To the extent permitted by law, all warranties, conditions and representations provided about or by this video are excluded.'

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