'Clinical Managements of the Fitness Athlete by ICE Physio'

'Clinical Managements of the Fitness Athlete by ICE Physio'
00:42 May 13

'https://ptonice.com/clinical-management-of-the-fitness-athlete-live-seminar This two-day course is designed to educate participants on the proper technique of the fundamental movements in Fitness Athlete programming. Learn coaching, analysis, and breakdowns of the squat, deadlift, push, pull, and basic Olympic lifts. Through the use of multiple models, the instructors will cover each movement beginning with proper performance and then highlighting commonly seen mistakes. Students will learn how to correct these common mistakes through coaching, and as needed through breaking down the movement to identify relevant physical impairments and addressing these through targeted mobility and stability exercises. Target Audience: Physical Therapists / Physical Therapy Students / Occupational Therapists / Occupational Therapy Students / Chiropractors / Doctors of Medicine / Doctors of Osteopathy /University Faculty #barbellphysio #thebarbellphysio The Barbell Physio - Improving the world’s of athletic performance, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Specializing in helping improve the strength, mobility, and technique necessary for barbell athletes such as those participating in CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting. . #performanceplusprogramming I have also teamed up with one of the best gymnastics strength coaches in the world, Pamela Gagnon, to bring you the best in fitness programming to reach your goals. Inside of Performance Plus Programming, we have 40+ different plans to help improve the fitness of athletes of all levels. Whether you need increased mobility, want to get your first muscle-up, or need more strength & endurance, our programs have you covered! https://www.performanceplusprogramming.com . Head to my website to read hundreds of free articles https://thebarbellphysio.com . Follow me on social media: - www.instagram.com/thebarbellphysio www.facebook.com/thebarbellphysio'

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